Unique holistic skincare. Eastern medicine. Western science.

Phytoceutical has produced pure botanical creams for many years based on the unique combination of oriental botanical medical traditions of Tibet and Vietnam, and modern cosmetic science from the leading dermatological institutes of Europe and the US.

We have now launched a new line after working with top European skin specialists, the ejuvé skincare range using the finest actives, for the best in modern effective skincare.

Including olive derived skin similar oils, goji seed oil, exotic botanical fragrance components sourced from highland regions in the Himalayas and the best quality herbal extracts obtained from Japan and Europe.

The initial products include Live Vitamin C Serums, Pure Vitamin A Lotion, Botanical Wash, Moisturising Soothing Skin Cream and JiGo Life Elixir.

Each product is hand made so if you wish to place a purchase please contact us by phone or email to provide us with more detail about your requirements along with any specific information about your skin type.

ejuvé  E-mail:   info@ejuve.info